Reposting the Evolution of Our Family Portrait

I just realized that I can copy the posts from my old blog and repost them here. I really like some of those old posts, so I'll probably work on reposting over the next few days.

S and E were married in February. While Bry, his wife and the twins and my parents were in town, S's friend agreed to subject herself to the chaos of creating our family portrait, since I still haven't mastered the art of the self timer. My aunt and uncle graciously agreed to let us use their new house as a studio space.

The twins were really well behaved, but The Princess is sooooo not into having her picture taken when she knows it's what everyone wants her to do. Here are the various outtakes from family picture day, as well as the final family portrait. Several of them would have been the "keeper" if The Princes wasn't such a photographer's child. :)

First, the outtakes...

And here's the keeper...

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