Flip-Flops and Funny Faces

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. There are some things going on in my non-existent social life that are really bugging me. I naively thought that high school ended after high school and that at some point in my life, I’d actually “fit in.” Not that I want to be like “everyone else” – I’m still a fan of being unique, but still! 

I really want to blog about the specifics that are bothering me, but Sasquatch and another good friend have managed to convince me to be the better person and just leave it alone. I’m REALLY trying to be the better person, but for some reason, it’s all led to a little bit of a creative block. I’ve struggled to come up with anything else to write about, and I haven’t really wanted to edit any of my personal pictures in a while.

I’m determined to get over the whole thing, though. I desperately want to figure out how to be happy regardless of the circumstances. I’m still holding onto the hope and faith that certain things in our life are going to change soon, but in the meantime, I know it’s not a good attitude to say “I’ll be happy when…”

With that being said, I decided to edit some pictures of Miss Sparky last night. She LOVES to steal other people’s shoes and socks. Her very favorite shoes are a pair of The Princess’ flip-flops. She manages to clomp around in them remarkably well, but she’s prone to stepping out of them. This causes her no end of frustration, and when she’s frustrated, she makes that lovely little scream that sounds like a bottle rocket going off in the living room. Since I’m not a huge fan of high pitched noises reverberating off the vaulted ceilings (and amplified by the uncarpeted floors), I’ve asked The Princess to please keep the shoes in her bedroom.

I had to take these pictures first, though. When Sparky is actually willing to look at the camera (which isn’t very often), she gives me the funniest little cheeser grin, which I LOVE. I know I make a point of telling my clients to PLEASE refrain from telling their children to “say cheese,” and I’ve never uttered those words to my own children, but somehow they figure it out anyway. I think it’s kind of adorable in an only-every-once-in-a-while-on-camera sort of way.

DSC_9152DSC_9164Gotta love Sasquatch in the background working on code in this next one.



The Princess is Going "Old School"

The Princess and I were in the car the other day listening to one of the 4 not-so-great radio stations that can be picked up by our car's half-broken antenna.

"The Boys are Back in Town" began to play, and The Princess said, "Mommy, I really like this song." We listened to the song for a minute, and then her little voice piped up from the back seat, "Mommy, this song is old school, isn't it?"

Makes you feel old all of a sudden when your six-year-old starts telling you that music is "old school." At least she wasn't talking about Pearl Jam, or Korn, or Alanis Morisette. Although that's probably just because I don't have access to a radio station that plays them.

Speaking of old school, she came home from school the other day and was so excited to show me a "new" dance that she had learned. She then proceeded to perform the Macarena.


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