A conversation with The Princess

Me: Let's call Grandpa Clover and wish him happy birthday.

Princess: Oh man! I thought today was Halloween and it would be dark outside!

Me: It will be dark later.

Princess: Will we go trick-or-treating when it's dark?

Me: We'll probably go a little bit before it gets dark.

Princess: How many minutes?

Me: It won't be minutes from now, it will be hours. We'll go trick-or-treating after dinner.

Princess: I have an idea! Let's eat dinner now! (It's 11AM).

Me: If we go trick-or-treating now, nobody will be home.

Princess: Why? Is everyone still asleep?

Abbey Lane Baby Boutique  – (November 2, 2008 at 7:06 AM)  

Hi there,

I came upon your blog by accident but had to leave a note to let you know I visited and love your photos. You have a beautiful family, congrats!

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