The Princess and the Point-and-Shoot

Grandma gave The Princess a Fisher Price "Kid Tough Digital Camera" for her birthday last year. While it's great in theory (virtually indestructible), the images leave a lot to be desired (the resolution is so low that the images are indistinguishable blobs when you try to print them).

However, The Princess has been running around the house for the last 2 days with her camera attached to her hand at all times. She told me today that she was photographing Sparky for me because I hadn't taken many pictures of her myself. I was going through the images with her on her camera (they look great in camera - it's only when you pull them up in Photoshop that you realize how truly awful the resolution is), and noticed that a lot of them were actually pretty good. Since she's proven that she does okay with her little camera, I decided to let her try using mine (the point-and-shoot).

The following images are The Princess' interpretation of her world. I simply resized them in Photoshop - the rest is her work.

First, we have Pixie - the Wonderdemondog.

And even more creepy with green eye...

Next, she delved into the world of abstract art. The ducky is currently her best friend - probably because she can take it into the bathtub with her beloved goggles and snorkel.

Decent use of the Rule of Thirds on the image below. I didn't even teach her about it.

And finally, the baby pictures. She told me that she is Sparky's new "photograph"er.

AshleeMattMaxJack  – (October 5, 2008 at 12:18 PM)  

I love letting Max take pictures. It is so cool to see what they come up with!!

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