No More Smiley Face Food

Last night was a really long night. Sparky woke up right as I was about to go to bed - I'm developing this bad habit of waiting until she wakes up the first time, because I know that if I don't, I'll have barely fallen asleep when she wakes me up again.

I got Sparky back to sleep, barely fell asleep, and Sasquatch (DH) came up to bed (he's been staying up late working on a project). A thunderstorm was raging outside, and the thunderclaps were keeping me awake. I would fall asleep only to be awoken by the smell of something burning - I kept making Sasquatch go downstairs to figure out what was on fire. Of course it was nothing.

We got settled into bed again, fell asleep, and Sasquatch had one of those episodes where he's dreaming and jumps up out of bed like a crazy man (terrifying me in the process). I try to ask him what what's wrong, and he's never coherent enough to tell me. Of course, he settles right back down into a comfortable sleep, while I lay there twitching and wondering what the heck woke him up in the first place.

Of course, Sparky woke up again at 5, and since I was exhausted, she decided to take a particularly long time eating.

We had smoothies and mini bagels again for breakfast today. Same flavor as yesterday - Coconut Pineapple. I used frozen pineapple this time. The flavor and thickness were much better, but it just about killed my blender (I seriously expected it to start smoking), so I'm not sure what to do. The Princess only drank about half of it, but at least she's getting something healthy-ish for breakfast.

Yesterday, The Princess wanted an open-face peanut butter swam-mich (her pronunciation). I convinced her to try the almond butter from Whole Foods (I love that place - I wish it wasn't such a trek to get there). She decided that she wanted to make a smiley face out of grapes on top of the sandwich. I was hesitant, because I remembered the previous fiasco at the IHOP, but I relented.

The Princess loves the concept of smiley face food, but it sends her into a bit of a depression when it's time to eat. She spends the entire time telling me that she can't eat it because she doesn't want to remove the eye, nose, mouth, etc. She usually starts to cry. Or at least begs me with puppy dog eyes not to make her eat her "masterpiece." I just get frustrated. It's not a pretty scene.

We took pictures of her lunch (she was angry that I didn't photograph it again after she added the eyebrows), and then she took 4 hours to finish eating it. She *did* finish it, however, and I'm proud of her. We will not be making any more smiley face food for a while.

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