More Fun at the Doctor's Office

We went back to the doctor's office for the third time in a week-and-a-half. The Princess had her 5-year-old well child check-up, and Sparky had her ears re-examined (they're fine) so that she could get her four-month immunizations. They both had shots today. Amazingly, I still have two happy girls at home right now (knock on wood). It's even more amazing since Miss Sparky still hasn't had a decent nap today.

The Princess is apparently following in my footsteps. She failed her vision exam, so we have to make an appointment with the opthamologist. She also *techinically* failed her hearing test, but since she hears everything at home, they'll re-test her before kindergarten next year. The doctor also recommended a good pediatric dentist and wants us to take her to see a genetecist, since there's apparently some testing that can be done to possibly determine whether or not she has her dad's syndrome (although a negative isn't a guarantee that she doesn't have it). Thank goodness for flex spending - especially with our crappy new benefits.

After her check-up, The Princess and Sparky both got their immunizations. Sparky went first, and they woke her up from a mini nap to stick a needle in her leg - she was NOT happy about it. But she calmed down pretty quickly. Then it was The Princess' turn - two nurses came into the room - one for each leg (I'm grateful they try to do it as quickly as possible by having two people administer two different shots). She was okay with the Polio vaccine, but the MMR made her cry just a little. She was really brave, though, and settled down the moment they told her she could go look in the "treasure box."

So that was our excitement for the day. We'll see if I still have 2 happy girls this evening. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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