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It's after midnight, but Sparky's still wide awake. I think she's teething. We tried to get her to go to bed around 10 because she was all sorts of grumpy, but when she was still screaming an hour later I couldn't bring myself to make her stay in there any longer. Hopefully the Ibuprofin kicks in for her soon. And with any luck she'll have a full mouth of teeth by the time she starts Kindergarten.

Since Sasquatch lets me sleep in on Saturday mornings, I decided to be nice and stay awake with her while he turned in "early." I think he deserves that every once in a while - especially since he's been working SO hard these last few months. AND he watched both of the girls all afternoon while I had fun downtown doing a family portrait session (I LOVE it when families opt for urban sessions!!).

So, Sparky's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and she's talking up a storm and I'm trying to keep things quiet and low-key to remind her that it's time for sleep. All the talking made me realize that I haven't been very good about documenting her favorite words. She started talking like crazy while Grandma Rosie was here, and now there are some actual words mixed in with all the gibberish. Some of her favorite words are:

DAY-doo (thank you)/WEH-come (she has to say the two words together - it's never just "thank you")

Pwease (please) - Not quite as cute as The Princess' version (she used to say "Beeps" for please), but still pretty adorable - especially when she signs it at the same time

Boop (book)

SEE-see (Seriously)

BAY-bee - She refers to all of her stuffed animals as babies

PUPpy - Sometimes she's referring to an actual dog, but it also means "goose," "squirrel," or any other random animal we see while taking our daily walk

KEY-key (Kitty) - The only animal she does NOT refer to as a "puppy"

Oof-oof - This is what a (real) puppy says

Meow - What a kitty says

Cack-cack - What a goose says

Tweet - Treat

Coo-kie - She distinctly pronounces each syllable and stresses the "k" sound in the middle - I'm not sure why she can't pronounce the "k" at the end of "book"

Soos (Shoes) - She tries to put them on several times a day and gets upset when I won't take her outside for a walk

Soss - (Socks)

BUH-boos (Bubbles)

Bap (Bath) - Don't make the mistake of allowing her anywhere near the bathroom unless you want to indulge in her chronic desire to strip down to her birthday suit and take a "bap"

She also has an adorable way of saying her sister's name any time she sees a picture of her (or sees my camera - she thinks any picture on my camera's LCD is her beloved big sister) or thinks it's time for her to be home from school.

She loves to say DAH-dee and Ma-MEE, and I love how she pronounces all the consonants - so cute!!

Up - She says this when she wants to be picked up

Hep - Sometimes she asks for help instead of screaming in frustration - usually she screams

WIH-ga? (What's that?)

Hi - It's so adorable to go in and get her when she wakes up from a nap. She always says "hi" in the most nonchalant manner.


DOH-stay? (Downstairs - with a question mark at the end) is still a staple in her vocabulary - she hates to be cooped up in the tv/computer/playroom

I'm sure she says more than this, and probably MEANS a lot more with her nonsense words (she repeats the same ones over and and over), but these are the words that stand out because she says them most often these days.

I'm NOT a VOLCANO!  – (May 6, 2010 at 7:23 PM)  

Haha!!! I love that she says "seriously!" That is too stinking cute!

Finally picked up those cookies! I'm such a slacker! Haha! Yummo!!!!!

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