Palm Tree Hair

Sparky finally has enough hair for a ponytail. Okay, so it’s really not long enough, yet, but I’m so tired of people thinking she’s a boy – even when she’s wearing pink. So since there’s enough hair there to pull up into an elastic, she will have palm tree hair every time she goes out in public.

I’m hoping that if I start doing her hair this early, she might keep letting me do her hair – unlike The Princess who refuses to let me get within 10 feet of her if I’m holding a brush or comb.

Here are a couple quick snapshots from today. I prefer the expression in the second image (and the fact that you can’t see the hand that’s restraining the little busybody), but I cropped the ponytail out of the frame in camera which was slightly less effective.

DSC_8011a DSC_8009abw

momg57  – (November 23, 2009 at 10:16 AM)  

My mom always called that "water fountain" hair. I LOVE the pictures!
Love, Grandma Rosie

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